The Downtown

Community Partnership

of Galesburg

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The D.C.P. (of Galesburg) is now under new enthusiastic community leadership with a fresh objective and prolific direction. We have been working hard over the last year to bring this local organization into a more innovative chapter with a dedicated and diverse committee ready to take on new projects and events as well as expanding or reviving some more sentimental ones.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The Downtown Community Partnership seeks to build bridges of collaboration between small businesses, local organizations & residents for inclusive progress, innovation and community engagement.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a thriving and inclusive cultural district in Downtown Galesburg that benefits small businesses and the local community alike.




  • Unity, Community, Inclusiveness - Recognize that all voices will collectively transform our community in ways that create equity and opportunity. Uniting all segments of our community is what will make us strongest.
  • Kindness, Love, Respect – Treat one another with kindness, love and respect. Build each other up as we build up our community.
  • Passion, Dedication, Action – Commit yourself to action. Use your passion and dedication for the betterment of our future community through ACTION.
  • Transparency – Always act with transparency. In all your actions, proceed with honesty and integrity about who we are and what we are trying to achieve.
  • Evolutionary, Foreword-thinking, Dynamic – Embrace progress. Be a positive driving force in encouraging the growth of a more inclusive, connected and active local culture.


Born and raised just outside of Galesburg, she left for Indianapolis after high school and attended Butler University. She finished her education in Event and Tourism Management at IUPUI. She returned to Galesburg in 2017 with a passion focused on Downtown Galesburg and a dream of breathing new life into downtown. Her first downtown business, KWB Paints On Main, was purchased that same year. In 2019, she opened her second business downtown, The Downtown Escape, with her partner, John Misuraca.

It was also in 2019 that Kate took over what remained of the Galesburg Business Association and began hosting the only remaining events, Treat Street and the Holiday Parade. Since then, she has spent two years refocusing, revitalizing, and rebranding the old GBA. Today she is excited to share her dream for Downtown Galesburg with her community through the Downtown Community Partnership of Galesburg. Truly living her dream, she enjoys life with her partner, John, and son, Grant.

“All of my projects have been driven by the endless support of my family. I thank and love them all to the moon and back.”



Angelica Mangieri is raising four children with her husband of 16 yrs in her hometown of Galesburg. As Vice President of the Downtown Community Partnership of Galesburg she is fiercely passionate about using her creativity, drive, and love of people & food to revitalize what Galesburg has to offer.

Speaking of her love of people & food, she is also the Executive Director of CommunityGlo, a free hot meal program that serves the Knox County area. Implementing her experience as a Chef and Restaurateur to run the program, while also working in conjunction with D.C.P.G. has been extremely rewarding for her to see reflected in the smiles of others.

When she's not working or taking care of kids, she is living her best eccentric life narrating audio books for children, relearning American Sign Language, studying glassblowing techniques, and officiating weddings in between.


Tuesday Çetin returned to Galesburg, her hometown, after being a professional “trailing wife” for her husband of 16 years, living in Turkey, Canada and the United States, sometimes simultaneously. Being part of the Downtown Community Partnership of Galesburg allows her to combine her love of arts and culture with the community she loves.

In addition to being the D.C.P.G. Secretary, Tuesday has been the Executive Director of the Galesburg Civic Art Center since 2014, using over 15 years of nonprofit and arts management experience to lead her organization into the next 100 years. She also is a dedicated member of the Galesburg Tourism and Visitors Bureau Board and the Railroad Days Committee.



A Galesburg native, Elyse Quarterman is a millennial mother, entrepreneur & local community influencer. After receiving her Bachelor's in Fine Arts in Arts Management and a double minor focusing in Business Administration & Studio Arts from Culver-Stockton in Missouri, she lived in Orlando for a few years before returning to her hometown.

Having high expectations for her community, requires evolution, effort and action. Now working on a few local Non for Profit committees & other downtown projects, she chooses to be one of those that takes action by building a beautiful downtown and encouraging others to make the same types of investments locally to benefit the community both presently & in the future.


Vice President

Noelle Thompson was born and raised in Galesburg. She attended Carl Sandburg College and Monmouth College before receiving a Master of Information from Rutgers University in 2019. Noelle is the Director of the Galesburg Public Library, and she joined the DCP board because she is passionate about serving her community and making connections. She resides in Galesburg with her husband Robert and their three daughters.


Ashley Weeks-Sanchez's passion for martial arts has turned into a fulfilling career by combining her dedication to the art of martial arts and her commitment to

giving back to the community through her own local business, Galesburg Kuk Sool Won. It has been her honor to have been a part of this long-standing business in the downtown Galesburg community for over 30 prosperous years. In her years of experience, she have dedicated herself to the importance of investing in the community through many of the various

events held like our fundraisers. She has raised money for programs like D.A.R.E. and for the Galesburg Community Foundation since the early 1990’s. There is a major emphasis on the importance of service and leadership to the community to her martial arts students of all ages.

She has also found another way to make a positive impact on the youth in our community by taking up a job through Galesburg school district #205 for Lombard Middle School and Galesburg High School as an ISSP/Security personnel. In addition, she allocates her remaining time to continuing her education and working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Education and personal growth have always held great importance to her, so she believes that obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree will provide her with additional beneficial knowledge towards her own personal future, the future of her business, and the future of our community. As a mother, wife, and native to Galesburg, she will strive to do her part in improving the city.


Born and raised in Galesburg, she have made downtown her home for the last 8 years. With a passion for food and baking, Felicia has worked at many of Galesburg's favorite restaurants over the last 14 years as a Chef. She also put my culinary skills to good use assisting Angelica Mangieri with CommunityGlo and teaching baking classes to children.

Outside of the culinary world, she is also involved in stand up comedy, performing and putting on dozens of shows around Galesburg and Central Illinois over the last several years including winning third place at the Jukebox's summer contest. Her personal mission is to make Galesburg a better place for her family and for others and to spread care and kindness to those in need.


Born and raised in Knoxville, Tessa has never strayed too far from home. After receiving a post-secondary degree and advanced degree at Monmouth College, then Western Illinois University in Communications, she has worked for non-profit organizations in Galesburg, while serving her community on the side. Her desire to market and promote her community led her to her current position, serving as the Communications Manager for Galesburg Tourism and Visitors Bureau. Being the daughter of a small, family-owned and operated business owner, she knows the importance of shopping, eating, and supporting local efforts. Helping plan, coordinate, and host successful events for the whole community to enjoy is a simple way to give back to the community that has provided so much to her. Outside of business hours, Tessa is the Chair of the Young Professionals Network and the Alumnae Advisory Committee for Pi Beta Phi at Knox College. Additionally, she is part of the Railroad Days, Galesburg Express, and Knox County Fair committees. In her rare free time, Tessa loves tending to her plants, traveling and visiting family, and caring for her sassy, tortie, fur-child, Wednesday.  



Jaclyn Smith-Esters fell in love with Galesburg 20 years ago when she moved from her hometown Galva to attend Carl Sandburg College. She fully immersed herself in the community by participating with the local arts and the Orpheum Theatre. In 2008 Jaclyn left Galesburg to pursue higher education at Western Illinois University and received two bachelor’s degrees: Theatre and Anthropology and shortly afterwards received her master’s in sociology. While attending school she met her husband Paul and started a family. After their son was born it was easy to decide where to move to raise their pride and joy. “Galesburg is a city that has a big heart and progressive minds.” Jaclyn currently works for the Salvation Army with the program Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF). Her passion is creating a community that is dedicated to diversity and inclusion.  


My roots in Galesburg go as far back to 1873 and was born and raised here. It’s important that I don’t forget where I came from and give back to my community. I started a visual media company last March, so I can spend more time with my son and enjoy the work I do. You can always find me capturing something and traveling. Besides being a mom I’m a member of the NAACP, a commissioner for the Community Relations and Youth boards.



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